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Who Are We?
PolkaBoy was born of an effort to busk for free beer around the holidays. Many, many years (and beers) later, the crowds have grown, as has the band. We play polkas and waltzes, and we play lots of other stuff too. As we are fond of saying...a little Tom Jones never hurt anybody.
The Band
Hans - voice, guitar, clarinet
Bruno - voice and guitar
Frank - drums
Von Neuman - voice and accordion
Zivio - accordion
Kreusch - voice and accordion
Jonty - trumpet
PJ - trumpet
Nepper - trumpet
Hauskind - trombone
Lincoln - tuba, sax, flute, voice
Rusty - bass and voice

The Crew
Blade - front of house sound
Ramsey - monitors
Furry - stage tech

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