introducing the new pb dot com feature! a blow by blow of our current recording session. a kind of 'behind the music' with none of the tawdry details. visit often to get the latest updates, 'cuz we're really gonna update this. really!

yep.  a real studio with knobs and blinking lights.

day 1 - the rhythm bed
we arrived early on saturday morning on june 24th. ok, so i was a little late. destination: yes, a picture of the wall

that's right folks, studio a. we are whippin' out the 'a' stuff for this bad boy. studio a at the lodge studios is an expansive room with three isolation booths. in fact, our last album was recorded here and we set the whole band up and recorded everything at once. this time around however, we are doing things in sections. roomy!

frank was set up in his own little room... drum booth

tom was set up in his own little room... percussion booth

scott was set up out in the main room with baffles around his amp. baffling

rugged rusty was in the main room. his bass was running direct into the board. rugged

lincoln was also in the main room playing his sousaphone parts. he was smoking when i was taking pictures, so here's one of him taking pictures. smile!

jonty and hauskind were in the small vocal booth with me to lay a scratch track. the scratch track would help the rhythm section keep their place in the song and provide for future vocal hilarity. coming soon - scratch track vocal outtakes...

here's one of me faking like i was singing a scratch track. that's a nice mic




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