day 1 - the rhythm bed - continued
and in the control room we had andy symons and heather symons running the show. heather, being a youngster, was manning the mouse, while her old man fiddled with a bunch of knobs that weren't connected to anything. 'old man' as in father, not husband

also at the festivities was the entire pb road crew, scott. furry!

our creative and physical engergies were kept at a very high level by a nutritionally proven combination: doughnuts and fried chicken. thanks jennifer and susan! yum.  so good and good for you!

while susan was there, we made her read our new article! chicks dig indy men's magazine

petey pete showed up for moral support, chest support, and to drink some of our beer. pete

our plan was to record as many songs as possible in 6 hours, making sure every one was perfect! what are all of those black things?

after 7 hours and 25 tracks, we decided we might name the album "good enough", or "what the hell did you expect". 25 in the can

of course, now was the time where we would all like to take a sip of beer. the ghost of rusty's fosters

the only way to get this younger generation of kids to do anything is to treat them with respect. cervesa refrescante!




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