day 2 - the horns
after the hugely successful rhythm section session, we followed it up a week later (july 1) with a session to record the horns and some tenor sax. once again we got there bright and early, and started warming up. the only problem was that we forgot the sheet music. forgot music.

sheet music? we don't need no stinking sheet music! yes we do.

after a quick 45 minute round trip to get the music, jonty points out a nuance in the score, and pj realizes he forgot his trumpet. don't deviate from the score

being health conscious, frank decides that what this band needs today is burritos. he brings 6 hours worth of breakfast burritos. bratwurst & egg burrito

once again, the symons (symonses?) were at the helm. notice heather at work with her mad mouse skillz, and the one button that we let andy push. and frank's still eating burritos. evil eyes

for this session we lined up all of the brass in the big room for that phat brassy sound. tower of no shower

we isolated lincoln in the drum booth because of the smell. not really.  we did it so he could do clean retakes.

smitty contemplates the gruelling day ahead. psych up!

hauskind warms up his trombone. did i mention he loves the trombone?

frank and scott lent their critical ears to the procedings. their ears are much better now, thank you.

pete and i went on the grain run (bread and beer). dak - premium

everybody was playing great. these guys are really good. take your shoes off and get comfortable, smitty.

pj and jonty relaxing after a great session. of the 25 song we had the rhythm tracks for, we laid horns on 23. notice the body language?




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