day 3 - wall of accordions part 1
ladies and gentlemen...wall of accordions! we did hear evil...

this session was different in that we recorded after work on monday, july 10. we were slated for 3 hours of studio time, and we hoped to get a dozen or so tunes down. dr. kreusch arrives with his forty of colt 45. classy.  brown baggin' it!

we were also going to record kubs and his alto parts that night. he was out of town for the horn session.

we were in studio b that night because they are still cleaning up the beer cans from studio a from our last visit. studio b at the lodge studios is a smaller studio, but has all the latest in cool radios and such. andy and cory were at the helm that night. more monitor...

the lineup for tonight's game: kreusch, zivijo, and pete in one booth... wall of accordions

and kubs asleep in another booth. i think he was digging the groove at the time.

pete had his game face on. was not drinking yet.  honest.

being a monday night, many of us showed up to lend moral support. my wife claims it was an excuse to drink beer.
not true.
the rogers twins were there...
jonty and bob rogers

tom - red stripe. yea mon.

frank - corona. on easy street since the rhythm bed.

scott - two hearted ale. the roadies always drink expensive stuff.

heather (star of the previous session pages) joined us after she got off work. two hearted ale - crew brew.

lincoln was documenting - bud light (in a coolee). his camera is way more expensive than mine.

even though i had not recorded anything yet, i was determined to bring myself up in the mix. jonty is in the background looking at on a laptop!

it was all business that night. to understand this, click here. any publicity is good publicity.

accordions were jamming! this is the (patent pending) kreusch shake move. you can see kubs in the other booth...

and kubs was jamming it up too. only one chart change on the day of recording.

zivijo declares himself button box champ of ze world! blurry.  lincoln took that one.

pete is caught off guard (without his game face). may i point out the fabulous tongue depressor patch on middle c. i still don't think he was drinking yet.

it was a short session, and we recorded sax and accordions for a dozen or so songs. at last - a reward for a job well done! mas.

after it was all said and done, pete wept bitterly. now now pete, it's ok...

we would need to wait exactly one week for the second accordion recordion session. stay tuned!




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