day 5 - the missing horn part
it was a mystery, but somehow the horns on one song were erased. so a few of us got together to redo it. where's smitty?

jont and pj were handling the trumpets that day. smitty could not make it. blow, men, blow.

hauskind was on the trombone. pensive.

snacks that day were pretty lame. heather likes johnny depp.

frank tests his awesome bananarchery skills. hum the theme from lone ranger now.

bullseye! there's no need to fear...

without smitty, the horns didn't quite sound full enough, so frank sat in on flugelhorn. we needed you smitty!

closeup of above photo. too bad the mic was unplugged.

it was a pretty short session. we replaced the missing horn parts and laid a couple of horn solos. here's pj laying down a flugelhorn solo. for real.

day 6 - vocals
our next session was to record vocals. there weren't many pictures taken, but we laid vocals on a dozen or so songs. istanbul

kruesch sang his lead vocals. shakira

and lincoln ranted something about spending two years of his life on something or other." monstrous.

day 7 - bass fixes
there weren't many things wrong with the bass in the first place, but we spent an hour or so patching a few things up. mad footswitch, rusty.

corey engineered while rusty played bass and sang some background harmonies. try to relax, corey.

rugged rusty and lincoln were pleased. as punch.

day 8 - more vocals

we finished up the lead vocals... hans

scott sang his lead and backing vocals, and won the chicken clucking contest. late in the gevening.

hans played 5 notes for the cartoon medley. super chicken

it was a productive session. there is no truth to the rumor that this project has driven andy stark raving mad. need pizza!




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